Gbeck Future Film Festival.

Gbeck future film festival

Youth, future, new film!
Gbeck Future Film Festival is a large-scale film creation competition.
Facing the world to discover and cultivating young filmmakers. It is also a festival for young filmmakers.
Come on, join us, we are the future!
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1. The design of the competition system

The competition is divided into two parts: "script" and "works". Two units, "short film" and "long film", are separated set up, including three types: drama, documentary, and animation. Short films require less than 30 minutes, long films require more than 60 minutes. The submission should be digital media format and the participants are not limited to nationality.

2. The schedule of the competition

The collection time of script: March 1 solstice June 30
The collection time of film: March 1st solstice December 31st
The time of award ceremony and exhibition: March to April

3. How to participate in the competition

Click "I want to enter the competition", download the registration form, fill it out, and then send it to the registration email box together with the script or film digital files + film still, posters, promotional videos and the information of the main creative team.